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Senators by District


District 1 – Life and Health Sciences

Andrew Bryce Womble
Reach me by my student email.

Anushna Parepalli
Reach me via Instagram @anushna.parepalli

Ethelyn Ofei

One Africa, Refugee Service Center

I plan to reach out to my constituency primarily through my UNC email which is

Kelly Nguyen Rcom

One may contact me at my school email (

Leonardo Bennett

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Email and communication via group chat for my constituency

Macy Henson

I plan to make my contact information available on the Senate website for my constituents to contact me with any concerns. Also, I plan on contacting the departments in my district to send out relevant information on the Listservs.

Rachel Haugen

NCPIRG, Rec Women’s Lacrosse, Phi Alpha Delta, Puppies at Carolina.

I will send updates via departmental listservs. The best means of communication for me is email:

Samantha Morinville

Caribbean Student Association, Black Student Movement

Reach me via my school email.

Samuel Hendrix

I plan on developing a strong social media presence for the District 1 senators in order to give a public page for people to look for.

Taylor Nguyen

Phi Epsilon Kappa, Senior Marshall

Reach me on social media or via school email.

District 2 – Humanities

Andrew Gary

Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies, Carolina International Relations Association

Individuals can contact me at

Gabriel Stanton

Company Carolina

Contact me via email at and look out for major-wide emails from me.

Yubin Kim

CIRA, AASA, KASA, idiosyncrasy

University email:
Routine Instagram stories with brief highlights or infographics regarding Senate matters, as well as an open-door policy using the provided email.

District 3 – Social Sciences

Andrew Forbes
Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies, Carolina International Relations Association, Model UN
I will use email and regular office hours to contact constituents, with the email

Lucas Wilson

Swim club, Epsilon Tau Pi, Young Democrats

I can be reached by phone, available in large group chats where I post for my constituency, and by email at

Maddux Vernon

Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies

I’ll post about UGS initiatives on my social media and discuss creating a D3 listserv to directly contact my constituents.
My email is

Robert “Tres” Guskiewicz III

Phi Alpha Delta, Acts 2 Fellowship

Reach me on instagram @unc_senator_guskiewicz and via email at

Sydney Jones

Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity

One way to contact me is through my UNC email:

District 4 – Business

Corey Brandon Jr.

Mens Club Volleyball Team, Build the Hill

Find me on social media and at popular student life events.

Damon Grim

Zeta Psi Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity

I will mainly do outreach through posters and digital signs throughout McColl as well as having Michael Penny include updates or forms in his emails.

Jack McDermott

Undergraduate Real Estate Club, Carolina Review, Squash Club

I will send an email to business clubs and students to reach out.

Joshua Alexander

FBLA, CIRA, Honor Court

I can be reached by email at or on my official Senator Instagram account, @joshalexander4senate

Luke Manna

Undergraduate International Business Club, Pi Kappa Phi

I will be starting flyer initiatives and working on outreach through my capacity to start O&A Committee initiatives. I can be reached at

Nicholas Sodano

Find me on social media. I will send out regular newsletters and emails to keep constituents informed about my work in the Senate and upcoming legislation that may impact them.

Troy Smith

Tamid Group, Build the Hill, UREC, UNC Chapel Hill German Club, UNC-CH Family Business Club, UNC Finance Society, Moneythink at UNC, Hinton James Community Government, Sleight of Hand at Carolina

Find me out in the world, within my district at clubs or in regular life. Reach me via email at

Vihit Nanduri

ACM, Flag Football, Apples, Marketing Club, Business and Technology, Carolina Sport Business Club.

Means of communication is my email:

District 5 – Media and Journalism

Ben Longo

Student Rams Advisory Board – Communications Committee, UNC Finance Society, Fixed Income Association, Undergraduate Marketing Club, Venture Capital Club, Tar Heel Alpha Investment Club, Undergraduate Accounting Club, UNC Money Think Club

Individuals can contact me at

Lauren Langley

Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Carolina Women in Business

I’ll speak to my classmates from my MEJO classes. The best way to contact me is through my UNC email.

Sophie Flynn

Musical Empowerment

Find me on instagram and social media.

District 6 – Mathematics, Computing, and Engineering

Atharva Vispute

Hindu YUVA

I will make announcements in computer science classes to raise awareness about the senate.

Christopher McClanahan

Carolina International Relations Association, Dialectic & Philanthropic Societies

Find me on social media and in common group chats. For means of communication, use my email

Deniz Erdal

Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies

Reach me on social media.

James Jessup

I plan to implement new forms of social media to specifically target people of different districts depending on their majors.
I would also like people to contact me through my email of

Lydia Schneider

Women in Computer Science, Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law fraternity)

I am a member of Women in Computer Science which allows me to form direct relationships with members of my district.
Method of communication: email –

Saanvi Arora

Yuva, CIRA, uncArvr

Find me in Sitterson hall or reach me via my school email.

Vamsi Palukuri

I will reach out to my constituency primarily via social media through regular contact and feedback methods.

District 7 – Physical Sciences

Callan Baruch

Teach Initiative, Society of Physics Students, Refugee Support Center

Individuals can contact me at

Ananya Jain
Globemed-Campaigns committee, Best buddies, UNC HOSA, handmade by heels
I hold regular office hours where students can drop in and meet with me to discuss any concerns, ideas, or suggestions they may have.

Katherine Leonard

Carolina International Relations Association

I’ll be able to be reached at

Sterling Adams

UNC Society of Physics Students, Alpha Delta Pi Beta Upsilon Chapter, UNC Best Buddies, UNC Disability Acceptance Committee, UNC TrashForce, UNC Outing Club

The best way to reach me is via email at

District 8 – Arts and Education

District 9 – Undecided and Interdisciplinary Studies

Maxwell Pollack

UNC Hillel, CIRA, Heels for Israel

I would also support the creation of constituency listserves