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Senators by District


District 1 – Life, Health, and Social Sciences

April Song
Student Health Action Coalition


Ashley Dowdney
Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Eta Sigma Phi, Carolina International Relations Association


Elina Banerjee

Honor Court, Women in Pre-law, UNC Young Democrats, Journal of Foreign Affairs at Carolina, Undergraduate Law Association at Carolina, Food Recovery Network


Hannah Elder

Young People’s Alliance, Alpha Delta Pi, Catalyst Conference


Jennie Lin

Asian American Student Association, Chinese Undergraduate Student Association, Carolina Cancer Association


Kirti Muthaiah

Carolina Cancer Association


Kshiraj Talati

Phi Delta Epsilon – Premedical Fraternity


Lanie Mulkana

Phi Mu, HEARTSafe, UNC LSN Peer Support, Carolina Health Samaritan Society, Carolina Harm Reduction Union, Carolina Cancer Association


Lucas Wilson

UNC Club Swim, Epsilon Tau Pi, UNC Young Democrats


Macy Henson



Matthew Tweden
Policy Students Association, Peace War and Defense Alumni Association, Carolina Forum for Education and Diplomacy, Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies


Mridhula Bharathwaj
Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, Undergraduate Law Association at Carolina, UNC Institute of Politics, Women In Pre-Law


Nayan Bala

A Moment of Magic, Honors Carolina Student Association


Prasidha Padmanabhan

Women in Public Policy, Tamil Student Organization, Carolina Undergraduate Law Journal, Planned Parenthood Generation Action


Rachel Fanning

Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, UNC Young Democrats, Blank Canvas


Rachel Haugen

Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, UNC Rec Women’s Lacrosse, NCPIRG Hunger and Homelessness Campaign, Habitat for Humanity


Samantha Gaines

Ehringhaus Residential Learning Program


Sarah Maness

UNC Young Democrats Club, Phi Mu


Sierra Clark


Simon Kodack

UNC Young Democrats, Carolina Health Samaritan Society


Vaibhav Singal



District 2 – Humanities and Other Programs

Katherine Fiore
The Policy Network at UNC Chapel Hill, Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies


Yubin Kim
Carolina International Relations Association, idiosyncrazy, UNC Taekwondo, Undergraduate Law Association at Carolina, UNC Alpha Delta Phi, Attorney General’s Staff


Zoe Wilcox

Women’s Rugby, Photography Club, Undergraduate Law Association at Carolina


District 3 – Media, Education, and the Arts

Avery Barber

Alpha Delta Pi, AD Club, Carolina Women in Business


District 4 – Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science

Callan Baruch


David McCrudden
Heels for Israel, Turning Point USA, UNC-CH College Republicans, Renewable Energy Special Projects Committee, CS+Social Good at UNC-Chapel Hill, Students for Life at UNC-CH, Student Free Speech Alliance at UNC-Chapel Hill


James Jessup

Alpha Chi Sigma


Joseph Reardon

International Business Club, Quantum Computing Club, UNC Finance Society, Venture Capital Club, Web Development Club, Sustaining Innovation: Co-President


Katherine Leonard

Carolina International Relations Association


Kolton Hodges

Carolina Analytics and Data Science, Summit College, Honor System Outreach Branch, Undergraduate Business-Technology Club


Paige Crawford


District 5 – Business and Economics

Ben Longo

Student Rams Advisory Board


Damon Grim
Zeta Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Undergraduate Consulting Club


Henry Dudeck

Sustainable Business Club, Finance Society Club, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Carolina Analytics and Data Science, Ski Team


Joshua Alexander

Carolina International Relations Association, Undergraduate Law Association at Carolina, Residence Hall Association Community Government, UNC Young Democrats, Badminton Club, Honor Court


Vinit Satasia

UNC Finance Society, Family Business Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Undergraduate Consulting Club, UNC Dostana, Quantitative Finance Association


At-Large Senators

Christopher McClanahan

Carolina International Relations Association, Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies


Dillon Page
Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies


Eliana Halivni

Sigma Rho Lamda Sorority


Gabriel Walsh

Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies, The Policy Network, Carolina International Relations Association, Policy Students Association, Glow Through Sports, Carolina Forum for Education and Diplomacy


Garrett Barnes

Epsilon Tau Pi, Undergraduate Law Association at Carolina, Carolina International Relations Association, Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies, Carolina Slavic Club


Holt Smith


Joseph Kledis

Dialetic and Philanthropic societies, Fed Challenge, BLUE


Logan Grodsky

Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies, Heels for Israel , Carolina Forum for Education and Diplomacy, Carolina Athletic Association, UNC Hillel


Maddox Addy

Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies, Residence Hall Association Community Government


Maddux Vernon
Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies


Matthew Thornton

Epsilon Tau Pi


Saanvi Arora


Samuel Kornylak

UNC Hillel, Formerly at the Daily Tar Heel


Samuel Salam


Shubansai Gouru

Bhakti Yoga, 180 Degrees Consulting, Undergraduate Consulting Club, DECA


Toluwanimi Osungbesan

Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies, Women in Economics, Black Student Movement


William Epley

Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies