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Office of the Clerk

The Office of the Clerk is composed of three different positions that work together to manage the records of The Senate of the Undergraduate Student Body. The Chief Clerk oversees the Office and is responsible for directing the other positions.
The Chief Clerk is responsible for preparing and managing various official tasks, including maintaining the roll of Members, distributing reports, preparing the Journal, attesting documents, receiving and delivering messages, and maintaining official documents.
The Journal Clerk is responsible for recording and compiling the minutes of Senate proceedings, publishing them in the official Journal, operating the electronic voting system, overseeing vote recordings, receiving committee reports, and preparing the history of legislation.
The Bill Clerk is responsible for preparing messages to The Senate of the Undergraduate Student Body on passed legislation and official documents, engrossing Senate-passed measures, processing introduced bills, resolutions, and amendments, and reading and reporting on legislative actions in the House to the Senate.

Office of the Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant-at-Arms in The Senate of the Undergraduate Student Body is responsible for enforcing seating rules, greeting members and visitors, distributing informational flyers, ensuring chamber security, assisting the Presiding Officer, maintaining order, and appointing deputies when necessary. Additionally, they must handle quorum issues by contacting unexcused Senators.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator’s responsibilities include organizing outreach activities for The Senate of the Undergraduate Student Body, serving on the Commission for Campus Equality and Student Equity, and representing the Senate in joint events with other student organizations.

Office of Technology Resources

The Technology Resources Coordinator in The Senate of the Undergraduate Student Body is responsible for maintaining the website, mailing list, and other technology resources. They can appoint deputies to assist in their duties with the approval of the Speaker of The Senate of the Undergraduate Student Body and are also responsible for providing technology assistance to Senators and staff.

Office of the Parliamentarian

The Parliamentarian advises The Senate of the Undergraduate Student Body on matters of procedure and rules as they are listed in the Undergraduate Code and Standing Rules.

Office of the Legislative Auditor

The Legislative Auditor has the authority to examine financial records of the Undergraduate Student Government, its officers, members, staff, external appointments, and organizations that receive student government funds and must submit a report on the financial statements of the Undergraduate Student Government with relevant comments on internal control and compliance by the end of each legislative session.