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Senatorial Committees shall: Conduct hearings, prepare reports, and initiate such legislation as they deem necessary on matters which fall within their respective areas of competence; Subpoena students to testify by majority vote such witnesses as are necessary to accomplish the purposes of subsection; Consider all bills referred to the committee at the meeting following their referral; Report such bills as are appropriate, with or without amendments, with written report, either favorably, unfavorably, or without prejudice; and Receive and consider reports on behalf of the Senate.

Finance Committee

Led by Jack Purdie, the Finance Chair, the Finance Committee is responsible for initiating bills to allocate money to Undergraduate Student Organizations. The Finance Committee reviews funding requests from Undergraduate Student Organizations and makes recommendations to Undergraduate Senate.







R&J Committee

Led by Tanner Henson, the Rules & Judiciary Chair, the Rules & Judiciary Committee is responsible for updating the Student Code and confirming appointments of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of Undergraduate Student Government.






O&A Committee

Led by Claire Staresinic, the Oversight and Advocacy Chair, the Oversight and Advocacy Committee is empowered to recommend changes to the Student Activity Fee and investigate all other student fees to ensure that they are spent in such a way as to provide maximum benefit to students.




Ethics Committee

Led by Amol Garg, the Ethics Chair, the Ethics Committee shall investigate and report to the Undergraduate Senate any matter brought to its attention by a member of the Student Body or senator concerning improper action of a senator or officer of the Undergraduate Senate.