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Elected by the Undergraduate Senate, the Speaker is the first among equals of the Undergraduate Senate. The Speaker of the Undergraduate Senate manages a wide range of responsibilities and authorities both inside and outside of the body. Serving as the presiding officer, the Speaker calls meetings, participates in all committees as a non-voting ex officio member, and is a voting member of the Student Fee Audit Committee, Carolina Union Board of Directors, and Joint Governance Council. Further, they play a crucial role in the legislative process by signing and transmitting acts and resolutions, appointing staff members, and preparing the Senate‚Äôs budget requests. The Speaker takes charge of administrative tasks, ensures proper execution of duties, and serves as the primary spokesperson for the Undergraduate Senate. Additionally, they have the authority to make operational decisions, determine the legislative agenda’s order, and rule on procedural and parliamentary matters, making them a pivotal figure in the Senate’s functioning and decision-making processes. Andrew Gary is the Speaker of the 105th Senate. Currently serving his third term in the Senate, Speaker Gary also represents the 2nd District.

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Speaker Pro Tempore

Elected by the Undergraduate Senate, The Speaker Pro Tempore presides over Senate meetings in the Speaker’s absence, administers the oath of office to new Senators, orientates new members, and communicates with the university community.. The Undergraduate Speaker Pro Tempore has various responsibilities, including preparing the Undergraduate Legislative Branch Annual Report which contains a discussion of the Branch’s work, the Code of the Permanent Laws of the Undergraduate Student Government, financial statements, and other relevant information. They serve as a non-voting member of all Senatorial committees and a voting member of the Joint Governance Council. Deniz Erdal is the Speaker Pro Tempore of the 105th Senate. Currently serving his third term in the Senate, Speaker Pro Tempore Erdal also represents the 6th District.

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Committee Chairs

The responsibilities of all standing committee chairpersons includes calling and presiding over committee meetings and providing reports on committee activities and proceedings to the Undergraduate Senate. They are also tasked with ensuring minutes and attendance are recorded for committee meetings and carrying out any other duties lawfully assigned to them. Andrew Forbes is the Finance Committee Chair, Christopher McClanahan is the Rules and Judiciary Chair, Damon Grim is the Oversight and Advocacy Committee Chair, and Callan Baruch is the Ethics Committee Chair of the 105th Senate.

Meet Finance Chair Forbes Meet O&A Chair Grim Meet R&J Chair McClanahan Meet Ethics Chair Baruch

Joint Governance Council Member-at-Large

Elected by the Undergraduate Senate, the Joint Governance Council Member at Large is the Undergraduate Senate’s liaison to the Joint Governance Council. The Member at Large updates the Undergraduate Senate regularly on the happenings of the Joint Governance Council and votes according to the will of the Undergraduate Senate. In this capacity, the Member at Large is the voice of the Undergraduate Senate when convening with our graduate student counterparts on the Joint Governance Council.