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About Speaker Gary

The Office of the Speaker is tasked with carrying out the Speaker’s platform for the Undergraduate Senate. Speaker Gary is focused on making student government more accessible, in as many ways as possible. He hopes to make the Undergraduate Senate itself more transparent by improving its internal administration. He also is making constituent services more available to the undergraduate student body. He promises that if you contact him, either himself or a member of his staff will advocate on your behalf to get your problem addressed. They will put you in contact with the University administration, pass legislation in the Senate, or do whatever is necessary to help you. He is also advocating for a clearer funding process for student organizations, with more resources available and better communication about the process to the student body as a whole. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Speaker Gary or his staff. The Office of the Speaker can be reached through email at

The organization of staff in the Speaker’s office varies from year to year, but most years include a chief of staff to manage the office, a legislative director and assistants to help develop legislation, as well as communications and press staff. 

This year the Speaker’s Office is organized around the following positions:

Chief of Staff-

The Chief of Staff acts as the Member’s chief policy advisor.  This position develops and implements all policy objectives, strategies and operating plans for the Member’s offices and manages and directs all activities and staff, as well as coordinates the activities of the Member with Leadership and committee office(s).

Deputy of Chief of Staff-

Assists the Chief of Staff in managing office functions, complying with and ethics rules, responds to general constituent requests; and manages Member’s schedule.

Communications Director-

Manages all communications with the media; develops the communications strategy for the Member; prepares Member for interviews; drafts press releases, newspaper columns, and speeches; oversees digital content creation. 

Communications Specialists-

Handles journalist inquiries; manages digital content creation; assists the Communications Director in the development of a communications strategy.

Legislative Director-

Establishes legislative agenda; directs legislative staff; serves as resource person for legislative assistants; briefs Member on all legislative matters.

Legislative Assistants-

Researches and writes legislative correspondence; conducts legislative research; develops legislation and strategies for legislative priorities; meets with constituents; prepares speeches and record statements.


Staff Bios



Jennie Lin

Chief of Staff

Jennie is a first-year from Harrisburg, NC. She can be reached at




Rachel Fanning

Deputy Chief of Staff

Rachel is a junior from Wake Forest, NC. She can be reached at


Kshiraj Talati

Executive Assistant

Kshiraj is a first-year from Greenville, SC. He can be reached at




Gabrielle Garner

Administrative Director

Gabrielle is a junior from Wilmington, NC. She can be reached at




Ashley Ju

Communications Director

Ashley is a first-year from Cary, NC. She can be reached at



Maximilian Peklo

Press Assistant

Maximilian can be reached at






Maddox Addy

Digital Content Specialist

Maddox can be reached at






Mridhula Bharathwaj

Legislative Director

Mridhula is a first-year from Clarksburg, MD. She can be reached at







Ayush Godhandi

Legislative Correspondant

Ayush is a first-year from Morrisville, NC. He can be reached at




Riley Allen

Legislative Assistant

Riley is a sophomore from Raleigh, NC. She can be reached at




Katie Littlejohn

Legislative Assistant

Katie is a first-year from Oakton, VA. She can be reached at