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The Rules & Judiciary Committee is responsible for updating the Student Code and confirming appointments of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of Undergraduate Student Government.

Members of Rules and Judiciary Committee

Rules and Judiciary Committee Chair: Andrew Gary

Vice Chair Bryson Piscitelli


Powers of the Rules and Judiciary Committee

  1. Consider all legislation pertaining to the content of The Student Code;
  2. Consider relevant appointments, nominations, and recommendations of the USG President as described in Title I;
  3. Confirm all Senatorial external appointments and members of the Legislative Staff;
  4. Confirm all student referenda pertaining to constitutional amendments;
  5. Create standing rules;
  6. Create regulations necessary for the smooth functioning of the Undergraduate Senate;
  7. Handle all legislation which amends the Student Code;
  8. The chair shall defend the Senate should any complaint be filed against them, and;
  9. Open complaints on behalf of the Senate when necessary.

Rules and Judiciary Committee Meetings for Fall 2022

 Rules and Judiciary Committee Meeting Dates  Time