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The Speaker serves as the highest ranking officer, presiding officer, spokesperson, and chief administrator of the Senate body; making them the second person in line to the Office of the Presidency, after the Vice President.

Current: Alayna Powell, 103rd Senate

2020-2021: Keshav Javvadi, 102nd Senate

2019-2020: Stephen Wright, 101st Senate

2019-2019: Stephen Wright, 100th Senate

2018-2019: Kennith Echeverria, 100th Senate

2017-2018: Katharine Shriver, 99th Senate

2016-2017: Cole Simons, 98th Congress

2015-2016: David Joyner, 97th Congress

2014-2015: Ivy Hardy, 96th Congress

2013-2014: Connor Brady, 95th Congress

2012-2013: Paige Comparato, 94th Congress

2011-2012: Zach De La Rosa, 93rd Congress

2010-2011: Deanna Santoro, 92nd Congress

2009-2010: Joe Levin-Manning, 91st Congress

2008-2009: Tim Nichols, 90th Congress

2007-2008: Tyler Younts, 89th Congress

2006-2007: Luke Farley, 88th Congress

2005-2006: Luke Farley, 87th Congress

2004-2005: Charlie Anderson, 86th Congress

2003-2004: , 85th Congress

2002-2003: Carey Richter, 84th Congress

2001-2002: Mark Townsend, 83rd Congress

2000-2001: Alexandra Bell, 82nd Congress

Interim Speaker*

2019: Stephen Wright

2011: Alex Mills

2010: Dakota Williams

*Speaker elected due to a vacancy.