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Subsequent Appropriations for Spring 2023:

The Organizational Budget Orientation/Training was held Tuesday, August 9 at 7 pm EDT

Organizational Budget Orientation Slideshow

Organizational Budget Orientation Recording

The Spring 2023 Subsequent Portal Opend Friday, January 20th at 5 pm EST; and

Closed Monday, January 23rd at 11:59 pm EST. *The portal was originally set to close at 5 pm on 1/22 but has been extended until 11:59 pm EST.

Subsequent Funding Hearing Assignments: Click here to view your organization’s date and time assignment.

The Spring 2023 Secondary Subsequent Portal Opens Friday, March 3rd at 5 pm EST; and

Closes Sunday, March 5th at 5 pm EST.

(MANDATORY)The Treasurer’s Test is available to take on Heel Life. The Treasurer’s Test must be completed for the Finance Committee to hear an organization’s request. 


The Treasurer’s Test and the Appropriations portal are available at the links below:

Appropriations Portal

Contact Finance Committee Chair Deniz Erdal at for issues regarding the appropriations website.

Treasurer’s Training & Test

Contact Undergraduate Student Treasurer Logan Grodsky at for issues regarding the Treasurer’s Training and Test. Before taking the test, please read the Finance Regulations Title (Title V)  in the Undergraduate Student Code, which can be found here, to help you be successful on the test.




  • The maximum amount an organization can request is $15,000 during subsequent funding and $1,500 during secondary.
  • Retroactive funding is prohibited.
  • As a result of the student government split, the Undergraduate Senate does not fund organizations with a majority (50%+1) graduate school student membership. These requests must go through GPSF.
  • Organizations without a certified treasurer, or those without official UNC recognition, are not eligible for Undergraduate Student Government funding — the request will be automatically withdrawn if your treasurer is not certified, or your organization is not officially recognized, by the time you appear before the Finance Committee.
  • The Treasurer’s Test has been updated for the 2022-2023 academic year. We apologize for any difficulty locating the form on HeelLife, however, the updated test is titled: “2022 – 2023 Undergraduate Treasurer’s Training & Test”. There have been changes in the information presented on the test, so please pay close attention to the new information.




If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Finance Committee Chair, Deniz Erdal, at, or Undergraduate Student Government Treasurer, Logan Grodsky, at .