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About Speaker Kennith Echeverria

Kennith A. Echeverria is the 100th Senate Speaker.

Speaker Echeverria is from Fayetteville, North Carolina and studied Political Science in the College of Arts and Sciences at UNC. Before attending Carolina, Echeverria attended Westover High School (’14) where he was both a member of the PLTW Engineering Academy and Student Body President. 

Prior to being elected Speaker of the Senate on April 4, 2018, Echeverria was involved in the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch of Student Government since the beginning of his Carolina years.

While at Carolina, Echeverria served as Speaker Pro Tempore of the 99th Senate, Rules and Judiciary Committee member and Chair of the Select Committee on Academics for the 98th Student Congress, Governor of Manning West, and a member of the Academic Affairs Committee. Additionally, Echeverria was an active volunteer within the UNC Healthcare System and a Research Assistant in the School of Medicine – Department of Genetics.

Speaker Echeverria (2018-2019)

Running on a progressive platform focused on visibility, advocacy, and continuity coupled with his years of experience within Student Government, Speaker Echeverria was elected as Speaker of the Senate on April 4, 2018.

After having served as Speaker Pro Tempore, and supporting, sponsoring, and creating Legislation that produced both actionable and attainable change to the Carolina community, Echeverria was determined to bring the same passion into the Office of the Speaker.

During his term, Speaker Echeverria was steadfast in representing the needs of the Senate and of the Carolina community. Consequently, as a member of the Legislative Branch, Speaker Echeverria introduced and sponsored resolutions in support of the Horace Williams Airport, the Latinx Community, Dr. Blasey Ford, Mental Health Awareness, the removal of Silent Sam, the repeal of the Aid Elimination Provision of the Higher Education Act, among many other issues facing the Carolina community. In addition, Speaker Echeverria helped write and rewrite portions of the Constitution, Joint Code, Undergraduate Code, and Standing Rules. Speaker Echeverria also appointed students to various boards across campus to ensure student voices and their input were involved in all conversations on campus.

Kennith Echeverria has been recognized by his peers for his service to the University and its students.

Speaker Echeverria was succeeded by Speaker Wright.



Carolina Union Board of Directors (CUBD); Student Fee Audit Committee (SFAC); Joint Governance Council (JGC); Finance Committee; Rules & Judiciary Committee (R&J); Oversight & Advocacy Committee (O&A); Selection Committee(s).