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Official Attendance Records of the 99th Undergraduate Senate

Detailed Attendance Requirements

Undergraduate Senators shall accumulate no more than two (2) unexcused absences per semester (unexcused is defined by an absence that does not meet the requirements). The Ethics Chair may excuse absences due to extenuating circumstances upon a written notice at least 3 hours before the meeting. In addition, after receiving written notice, the Ethics chair shall excuse the senator for absences, tardiness, and exits related to:

  1. Family emergencies;
  2. Illness;
  3. Unexpected meetings or class schedule changes;
  4. Unexpected changes to a mandatory work schedule; and/or
  5. Religious obligations and observances.

More than two (2) unexcused and/or three (3) excused absences shall constitute grounds for investigation by the Ethics Committee. 

Actions Pertaining to Absenteeism

    1. Upon accumulating two (2) unexcused or three (3) excused absences, the Ethics Chair will email a warning to the senator and report the warning during the report of the Ethics Chair at the Full Senate following the missed meeting.
    2. Should the senator miss another meeting following the warning, their voting privileges will be suspended until they submit a written plan to the Ethics Chair explaining how they plan to make the remainder of the session’s meetings.
    3. Once the Ethics Chair approves the plan, the senator will be allowed to vote again following a 2/3 vote of Full Senate.
    4. Subsequent violations of the attendance laws (further unexcused absences or more than three (3) excused absences) will be deemed a failure to comply with the student laws and considered grounds for action by the Ethics Committee.

Special Events

  1. Should the Undergraduate Senate host or co-host an event, attendance may be deemed mandatory for specific districts or all senators at the consensus of the Speaker and the Ethics Chair to ensure participation by Undergraduate Senators provided that relevant senators re notified at least two weeks in advance.