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The Finance Committee is responsible for initiating bills to allocate money to Undergraduate Student Organizations. The Finance Committee reviews funding requests from Undergraduate Student Organizations and makes recommendations to Undergraduate Senate.

Members of the Finance Committee

Finance Committee Chair: Jack Purdie

Senator Andres Forero

Senator Jeet Galani

Senator Michael Harvey

Senator Will Bower

Senator Stanley Sun

Senator Rebecca Ukaegbu

Senator Reeves Moseley

Senator Rachel Augustine

Senator Beth Macon

Senator Anders Pokela

Senator Williem Heetderks


Powers of the Finance Committee

  1. Consider all legislation pertaining to the generation and allocation of funds and establishment of budgets;
  2. Consider all bills appropriating Undergraduate Student Government funds from the Student Activities Fee;
  3. Maintain an inventory of all items purchased and owned by the Undergraduate Student Government, which shall be the responsibility of the Finance Committee Vice-Chair; and,
  4. Confirm all student referenda pertaining to the Student Activities Fee.

Finance Committee Meetings for Fall 2017

 Finance Committee Meeting Dates   Room Reserved 
8.22.17 Union Room 2422 
9.5.17  Union Room 3407
9.19.17  Union Room 2423
10.3.17  To Be Determined 
10.17.17 To Be Determined 
10.31.17  To Be Determined
11.14.17  To Be Determined
12.5.17  To Be Determined 



Below is a link for each agenda for every Finance Committee Meeting:

100th Session




99th Session

9.5.17 Agenda

9.19.17 Agenda

10.03.17 Agenda

10.17.17 Agenda 

1.23.18 Agenda

2.6.18 Agenda

2.20.18 Agenda 

3.6.18 Agenda

3.27.18 Agenda 

Minutes for Finance Committee Meetings

Below is a link for the minutes for each Finance Committee Meeting this Spring:

100th Session




99th Session

9.5.17 Minutes (Group 1) and 9.5.17 Minutes (Group 2) 

9.19.17 Minutes (Group 1) and 9.19.17 Minutes (Group 2) 

10.03.17 Minutes (Group 1) and 10.03.17 Minutes (Group 2)

10.17.17 Minutes (Group 1) and 10.17.17 Minutes (Group 2) 

1.23.18 Minutes (Group 1) and 1.23.18 Minutes (Group 2) 

2.6.18 Minutes (Group 1) and 2.6.18 Minutes (Group 2) 

2.20.18 Minutes (Group 1) and 2.20.18 Minutes (Group 2) 

3.6.18 Minutes (Group 1) and 3.6.18 Minutes (Group 2) 

3.27.18 Minutes