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The Ethics Committee shall investigate and report to the Undergraduate Senate any matter brought to its attention by a member of the Student Body or senator concerning improper action of a senator or officer of the Undergraduate Senate.

The Ethics Committee is a special standing committee of the Undergraduate Senate. This committee is comprised of five members, including the chair, one of which must be a returning Senator to the Undergraduate Senate (excluding the chair). For more information about the Ethics Committee, please refer to Title II of the Student Code.

Members of the Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee Chair: Amol Garg

Senator Abhishek Shankar

Senator William Bower

Senator Tanner Henson

Senator Williem Heetderks

Powers of the Ethics Committee

  • Investigate any alleged violation of the Ethics Laws, any alleged violation of the Student Code or the Honor Code by a senator or officer in the Undergraduate Senate, any alleged unprofessional or improper conduct by a Senator and any alleged violation by senators of the Senate of the Opening Meetings Law.
  • The Ethics Committee should it decide that some punitive action is warranted, shall recommend a single course of action in its report to Full Senate. After the report is read, the Ethics Chair will make a debatable motion in the form of a resolution listing the report and recommending such Final Action.
  • The Ethics Committee Chair shall make available the Full Senate attendance records for public record by use of the Undergraduate Senate website.
  • Prior to the second Full Senate meeting following the beginning of the Fall semester, the Ethics Committee shall meet for the purpose of reporting to the Board of Elections chair any vacancies.

Actions of the Ethics Committee

Grounds for Action

  1. Chronic absenteeism 
  2. Malfeasance 
  3. Misfeasance 
  4. Nonfeasance 

Final Actions of the Ethics Committee

  1. Censure
  2. Suspension of Voting Privileges
  3. Suspension of Voting and Debate Privileges
  4. Expulsion for Absenteeism
  5. Expulsion
  6. Removal of an Officer
  7. Special Provisions
  8. Final Action Time of Effect